Create, launch, and scale your abundant healing business. 


With the right business strategy, you can live a more sustainable, purposeful, and fulfilling life that aligns with the warrior healer you are meant to be.

It will take you weeks - not years - to develop a sustainable business model that is prepared to attract and serve your soul clients.




What if...

you could tap into the strategy, instruction, coaching, accountability, and community that we as empathic healers crave WHILE accelerating your trajectory toward your energetically sustainable healing business?

...Fellow healer, look no further. You CAN.

At this point, you're exhausted from working a 9-5 job that isn't fulfilling and desparetly want to transition to becoming a full or part-time healer and small business owner.


You're confident in the way you've developed your healing abilities and are ready to help more people.


The only problem is... you have no idea how to do all the "business stuff" that's necessary for starting your healing business.


That's where the Business Program comes in.

Imagine how much more confident and purposeful you'll feel once you’ve learned how to:

  • Legally register your business.
  • Create a roadmap for launching or growing your business.
  • Understand your numbers and goals to hit in order to leave your 9-5 job.
  • Get direct access to guest speakers that include business lawyers, tax experts, PR and marketing strategists, and more.
  • Enroll clients on a consistent basis and see them healing and transforming because of your work together.
Let's be real

Do any (or all) of these sound like you?

You want clients.

You know you have the gift of healing and love doing energy work, but feel overwhelmed by the idea of finding and then enrolling clients who are willing to invest in your services. You’re looking for organic business strategies that teach you how to attract your soul clients on a consistent and reliable basis.

You want to access a proven roadmap.

You’re looking for small business strategies that you know work for a professional healer. You’re to follow a clearly defined blueprint so you can save yourself time and money, skip the big mistakes, and focus on doing the healing work that you’re so passionate about.

You want to make sure you’re protected, legally.

You want to ensure you’re taking the proper steps to set up and run your healing business in accordance to the law. From registering your business entity to managing your finances to filing taxes, you want to lay a solid foundation so you’re secure now and for years to come.

You want to discover your business positioning, differentiation, and niche. 

You need some help defining what makes your business special and appealing to your soul clients. You know that once you've learned how to position yourself uniquely, you’ll be able to attract the clients that you’re excited to work with.

You want to access a network of vetted healers.

You know the most successful small businesses are supported by a network of power partners. You’d love to collaborate, work with, and get referrals from fellow healing businesses, as you develop your business.

You want the resources to take care of yourself and your family while continuing to do the healing work.

You need a healthy energy exchange in order to be able to sustain and support your livelihood. You're looking for guidance as you work through mental blocks surrounding your relationship with money so you can tap into financial and purpose security.

Did I just describe you a little too perfectly? Yeah? 


I’m so glad you’re here.

I just know the feeling (all too well) and am on a mission to help my fellow warrior healers stop doing the work that drains them and start doing the work that satisfies their souls!

Take a moment to

Imagine what is possible when you shift your mindset around healing and business.

You find an energy exchange that works

You are helping to create energetic shifts in the world and you are getting paid to do it. And your clients are happy to pay it because you help them so much.

You stop feeling guilty

You let go of the idea that 'healers shouldn't make money for their gifts.' You come up with a good energy exchange for your time, talent, commitment and transformative sessions. You accept the abundance that is coming to you because the energy exchange feels good and will allow you to take care of your living expenses and continue to serve and grow a sustainable healing business. #nomorebrokehealers

Working smarter, not harder.

You’re leveraging your skill, expertise, and passion in a way that respects your time and lights you up! Doing less is actually more fulfilling and impactful.

Feeling supported.

Just because you love working for yourself, doesn’t mean you love working by yourself. You finally have the community of healers AND a trusted coach and advisor who understands you. Feels good to have these light warriors unquestionably in your corner, doesn’t it?

Having a proven roadmap to follow.

You’ve got the passion. You have the expertise. What you really need is an action plan. You want the strategic playbook so you can spend less time researching (or searching) and more time implementing.

Finally honoring the part of you that you were forced to suppress.

You aren’t apologizing for your gifts, your purpose, or your success anymore! You finally have the confidence and community to nurture and honor your healing abilities and the abundance that flows with It.

All this IS possible for YOU.


You can have it all (and more) by simply tapping into the strategy, instruction, coaching, accountability, and community that comes with the Holomua Healing University Business Program.

10 weeks to create, launch, and scale your abundant healing business, so you can live a more sustainable, purposeful, and fulfilling life that aligns with the warrior healer you are meant to be.

 This is my 10-week guided coaching program and community that will teach you how to create, launch, market, and/or scale your sustainable and profitable healing business.


Not only will you be supported strategically and personally during our time together, but you’ll also have a roadmap to continue to succeed after the program ends. 

You'll discover that the strategies I share in the program are the best practices I've come up with during my 10-year career as a healer and 15 years as being a small business owner.

The Business Program curriculum includes the exact system that I used to break the cycle of sacrificing my energy, stop giving away my time without compensation, align my business goals with my most important priorities, and do it in a way that felt true to me. #nomorebrokehealers – you can serve more and make more!


But don't just take it from me 

Check out my student's results

"The business program has transformed my way of thinking when it comes to owning my own healing business in so many ways. Each weekly class brought me more confidence and knowledge on how to set up, structure, and maintain my business. I've learned tools that will help guide me presently and in the future, like when I choose to start my own non-profit organization one day. I got clarity on what I could write off, how to legally set up and protect my business, how to market my business, and how to have multiple income streams to create financial security for myself and family. What I appreciated most about the program was that Britt took the time to help us build a better relationship with money. I've had limiting beliefs prior to the program and now it's not an obstacle. I produce ideas weekly. if not daily, on how I can better my business and help others through my services and products--thanks to Britt helping me shift my mindset. It's helped change this "employee mindset" I grew up with to one of a creative entrepreneur. After the program, I increased my prices and saw a 600% increase in profits.

This program is special because it brought healers together. We could all easily relate to one another and we have a common mission/goal. We all need someone like Britt to teach us how to have a strong heart chakra and root chakra. To operate with both masculine and feminine energy in balance. To create boundaries and not just give away our time and energy all the time. She really has taught me how to create a sustainable and profitable healing business. And she never holds back. She always shares all the lessons she's received over the past decade to truly save us years and money and to get us set up quickly so we can live our purpose and have the resources to provide for ourselves and our family."


Makakilo, O'ahu


Britt Yap

Britt is the yin-yang balance of compassionate and caring and fierce and determined. This healer, wife, and mother of two extraordinary children, is a certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher, clinical hypnotherapist, and breathwork facilitator. She is also sought after as a life and business coach, speaker, educator, and award-winning journalist with writings seen in the Washington Post, USA Today, San Francisco Chronicle, Huffington Post,, Maui News, Honolulu Star-Advertiser, Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Edible Hawaiian Islands, Mana Magazine – and Amazon best-selling author. In her 20s, she was the publisher and editor of a mixed martial arts lifestyle magazine called UPROAR. She has been doing healing work full-time for nearly a decade.

No fluff, pure strategy

This is the exact system I used to  reach results including...

Healing thousands of clients
Teaching more than 350 students and counting
Becoming an industry expert with a decade of paid business experience.
Growing my healing the business at a consistent and manageable pace
Increasing my bottom line by over 250% in one year, during a global pandemic
Retiring my husband from his unfulfilling 9-5 job
Creating generational wealth for my family
Establishing multiple income streams
Creating resources to delegate the work that doesn’t light me up

I reached all these results and more without spending a dime on advertising, stepping out energetic alignment, or sacrificing my most important priorties.


AND ALL this is possible for you too!

During our 10 weeks together,

You'll know exactly how to:

  • Start + launch your business *nuts +bolts*
  • Create your business name
  • Setup business entity and infrastructure
  • Ethically and legally operate your business
  • Establish a services and pricing list
  • Calculate your business “numbers” so you know exactly how many clients you need to serve each week to reach your goals, while protecting your energy
  • Tell your story to serve your potential clients
  • Define your secret sauce including your positioning, niche, and differentiation
  • Speak to and attract your soul clients
  • Shift from an employee to a entrepreneurial mindset
  • Market your business without paying for advertisement or media
  • Understand tax and writeoff strategy
  • Overcome mental blocks around starting a business
  • Experience mindset shifts around operating your own business
  • Get better at time management and goal-setting skills as an entrepreneur
  • Hold yourself and others accountable

Here's how it works

When you join the Holomua Healing University Business Program you'll receive...

Live Weekly Group Coaching

You'll get access to 2 hours LIVE of coaching, every single week (a total of 20 hours of live coaching time with me!) Each week we'll utilize group coaching to help you learn and then implement the strategies to grow your healing business. You'll receive real-time access to me to ask your questions and get the resources, tips, and support from your peers you need to take the next big step to clear any mindset blocks and step into aligned action.

Access to Guest Industry Experts

You’ll get the opportunity to learn from industry experts who are winning in their respective fields. You’ll be supported by...

  • Tax Experts
  • Legal Experts
  • Branding & Marketing Experts
  • Time Management & Efficiency Experts
  • And More!

Community of Supportive, Motivated Healers and Business Owners

Business Program students get access to a private online community where we share resources, swap strategies & cheer on one another (becoming business BFFs is allowed and encouraged)!

All this and more is yours when you join the business program

You'll get EVERYTHING listed above for...


This Business Program is ideal for...

Functional Doctors

Wellness Practitioners

Child Caregivers

Life Coaches


Occupational Therapists

Personal Trainers

Massage Therapists

Or anyone who has the gift of healing but doesn't know how to make it a business.

Still need more convincing? 

Take a look at a few more of my students' success stories

“This class validated what I was doing during my Reiki sessions and gave me so many more tools as a healer and coach to guide my clients through their healing journey. If you even have an inkling to become a spiritual life coach and/or expand your toolbox as a healer, take this class!”


Hercules, CA

 “At first, I wasn't sure how it would go because I thought that I really NEEDED to be in person, seeing this to learn it. Learning how to do distance Reiki first with my classmates was truly mind-blowing. I was amazed all over again how powerful the healing energy of love and light is. I found more than just classmates; I found a group of women who talk a similar language and are in this tribe. I am forever grateful for Britt and what she has created here with the virtual class.”

Tolleson, AZ

"It’s crazy to think of my life before I met Britt because the transformation was a legit 360. I was so depressed that I had almost no memory of my regular day to day life. My anxiety controlled me to the point where I couldn’t interact with other people let alone someone I’ve never met before. I turned to burying myself in work to avoid every single emotion and traumatic experience I’ve ever encountered. I was truly a lost soul trying to make its way, avoiding every fucked up thing that ever happened to me and eventually those feelings started affecting me physically and the more I avoided my emotions the more I wouldn’t be able to keep things down. I’d start dry heaving until I was physically releasing. Fast forward to the first day I met Britt. I was freaking out, I’d never met her before, I’d never talked about my traumas, I had no idea what Reiki was, I just knew I needed help. In fact, out of pure panic I threw up in the bathroom right before walking into her office. Not knowing what to expect, Britt made me feel welcomed and created that safe place I never had growing up. I saw Britt regularly, once to twice a month for 2 years before I decided to take her Reiki Certification Course. Reiki and life coaching changed my life so much, I was eager to learn more. And by that point I just knew I wanted to help as many people as possible because of my own experience. I continued to work with Britt in one-on-one sessions while attending every course she offered: from energy healing, to business program, to regular Mana Healing Sessions, and her spiritual life coaching certification course. I can honestly say every single one of these has shifted my life and taken it to a different level. I went from avoiding all human interaction to stepping into my power and unapologetically being myself. To anyone who thinks this life isn’t worth living or wondering if they can ever truly be happy in this lifetime please reach out to Britt, you will never regret it."


Newark, CA

10 weeks to create, launch, and scale your abundant healing business, so you can live a more sustainable, purposeful, and fulfilling life that aligns with the warrior healer you are meant to be.



What are you waiting for? 

Let's Do This!

Who is this program FOR?

  • Committed students who want to cultivate, protect, and nurture their life force energy so they can do the work they love now and for years to come.
  • Aspiring or full-time healers who are ready to step up, get to the root cause, and help more people.
  • Business owners who are currently doing healing work, but haven’t cracked the code on how to profit from their purpose.
  • People who want to figure out how to align their business mindset so they are working in service and abundance.
  • People searching for a safe place and community to explore, remember, and cultivate their powerful essence so you can live a more purposeful, fulfilling, and abundant life that is aligned with who you are currently.
  • Students who are tired of spinning their wheels on their own and are ready for answers that actually work.

Who is this program NOT FOR?

  • Students who aren’t willing to collaborate, invest, and share with this heart-centered community of healers.
  • Individuals who are interested in using their powerful knowledge to hurt the world.
  • Students who aren’t learning energy work with pure intention.
  • People who are not ready or willing to receive a shift in their lives.
  • Healers who aren't ready to shift from an employee mindset to an entrepreneurial one.
  • Healers who don't want to put in the work or investment in order to start or grow their healing business.
  • Students who aren’t interested in making healing work their full-time business. If you’re interested in Reiki but don’t want to pursue it as a business, Track One is a better fit for you!

10 weeks to create, launch, and scale your abundant healing business, so you can live a more sustainable, purposeful, and fulfilling life that aligns with the warrior healer you are meant to be.


Still on the fence?

I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one! 

If you want to make sure The Holomua Healing University Business Program is a fit for you and your goals, I invite you to apply to learn more!